July 22, 2020

End the CCP’s Abuse of Diplomatic Cover

This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute.


Yesterday, the Trump administration ordered Communist China to close its consulate in Houston, prompting diplomatic personnel there to begin burning documents in the facility’s outdoor courtyard. The scene evoked memories of Japanese diplomats doing the same on the eve of their nation’s attack on Pearl Harbor.


Reasons given for the shuttering were China’s theft of intellectual property and private data. Given the Chinese Communist Party’s conduct in this country, however, other abuses of the PRC’s diplomatic privileges may include: forcing Chinese nationals to spy in this country; suborning Americans through the so-called “Thousand Talents” program; running influence and intimidation operations on college campuses; and supporting the more than twenty “Communist Chinese military companies” ominously doing business here.


The truth is the CCP is our enemy. Rolling up and shutting down such threatening behavior conducted here under diplomatic cover is both prudent and necessary.  


This is Frank Gaffney.                                                                                       

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