July 15, 2020

Hallelujah - POTUS Will Soon Stop U.S. Investments in CCP Defense Companies

This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute.

Donald Trump used his press conference in the Rose Garden yesterday to provide the most comprehensive indictment of the Chinese Communist Party of any President since Lyndon Johnson. He catalogued the myriad ways in which the CCP has harmed the United States, its people and its vital interests. Mr. Trump also documented the role played by former Vice President Joe Biden in supporting – and even enabling – China’s rise at our expense. 

While contrasts between the Trump and Biden policies, especially regarding what Ronald Reagan would describe as our time’s “existential threat to freedom,” dominated the President’s remarks, one of his most consequential statements during yesterday’s White House event came in response to a media question. Mr. Trump declared his opposition to U.S. investments in “Chinese defense companies” and that we would soon see more tangible actions to prevent that.

Praise the Lord!  

This is Frank Gaffney.                                                                                       

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