June 29, 2018

Insanity Prevails, Endangering Two Ports - and Us

This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute. 

How would you feel if two major ports in the United States were to be run by a company owned by the family of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear bomb-maker – a company that also has a joint venture with the Russian manufacturer of cruise missile launchers concealed in shipping containers? And how would you want your government to respond to such a prospect? 

Most of us would, quite sensibly, regard this as an insane idea and would expect the federal government to prevent it.

Unfortunately, just such a company – known as Gulftainer – already manages container operations in strategically located Port Canaveral, Florida and will soon be doing the same in Wilmington, Delaware’s port. And the U.S. government has just turned a blind eye to the obvious peril these arrangements pose.

What could possibly go wrong? We may soon find out the answer is: plenty.

This is Frank Gaffney.


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