July 9, 2018

The House IT Scandal Must be Exposed, Not Covered Up

This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute. 

Preoccupation with Donald Trump’s next Supreme Court nominee contributed to a virtual news blackout last week concerning a terrible miscarriage of justice.  Unless rectified, the Washington Swamp will get away with covering up one of our nation’s most potentially explosive political scandals.

The Daily Caller’s Luke Rosiak has exposed what sure looks like a Pakistani intelligence operation that gained access to the personal and official correspondence and other sensitive information of dozens of Democratic legislators.  Lawmakers thus exposed declined to press charges.  And the Justice Department enabled their cover-up, ignoring massive evidence of the Awan family’s criminal conduct and even espionage, and allowing the ringleader off with probation for a single charge of bank fraud.

The Republican leadership has been complicit in deep-sixing this scandal. Anyone implicated has betrayed the public trust – and disqualified themselves from further responsibility for running the House. 

This is Frank Gaffney.


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